Military Use of Ultrasonic Brainwave Clusters 1991 ITV News Bureau. HIGH TECH PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ARRIVES IN THE MIDDLE EAST DHAHRAN, SAUDI ARABIA (March 23)--Sources in Dhahran today revealed what might have been the true reason for the seemingly illogical and apparently suicidal attack by Iraqi troops on the deserted city of Al-Khafji, located just 12 miles south of the Kuwaiti border. The report indicates that the top priority objective of the Iraqi strike across the border was a successful attempt to destroy a small, portable FM radio station that had been installed on the roof of the tallest building in the town of Al-Khafji by the U. S. Defense Department's PsyOps Branch. With the destruction of Saddam Hussein's military command and control system, communications with Iraqi troops in Kuwait are now largely carried out in a very primitive manner by utilizing Iraq's commercial FM radio stations located in the small Iraqi towns adjacent to Kuwait's western border. Military orders are encoded and then transmitted by Baghdad's military FM radio station YIHS. These signals are received and re-broadcast, in turn, by designated FM stations located between Baghdad and the Kuwaiti border until the programming arrives at the designated "control" station of the day which then broadcasts directly to the troops in Kuwait on exactly 100.00 MHz (megahertz), which is continuously monitored by all. In order to nullify this Iraqi military line of communications (LOC), the U. S. PsyOps organization attached to the U. S. Central Command in Dhahran installed a portable FM broadcast transmitter, a gasoline-electric generator and a continuous tape recording system on top of the tallest building in the deserted city of Al-Khafji. The station transmitted on 100.00 MHz and its power output was adjusted to cover up the transmission of the Iraqi station operating on exactly the same frequency. The clandestine station programming consisted of patriotic and religious music and intentionally vague, confusing and contradictory military orders and information to the Iraqi soldiers in the Kuwait i Theater of Command (KTO). The size and power of enemy forces was always intentionally exaggerated. Surrender was encouraged. ACCORDING TO STATEMENTS MADE BY CAPTURED AND DESERTING IRAQI SOLDIERS, HOWEVER, THE MOST DEVASTATING AND DEMORALIZING PROGRAMMING WAS THE FIRST KNOWN MILITARY USE OF THE NEW, HIGH TECH, TYPE OF SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES REFERRED TO AS ULTRA-HIGH-FREQUENCY "SILENT SOUNDS" OR "SILENT SUBLIMINALS". (See Newsweek, July 30, 1990, Page 61.) ALTHOUGH COMPLETELY SILENT TO THE HUMAN EAR, THE NEGATIVE VOICE MESSAGES PLACED ON THE TAPES ALONGSIDE THE AUDIBLE PROGRAMMING BY pSYoPS PSYCHOLOGISTS WERE CLEARLY PERCEIVED BY THE SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS OF THE iRAQI SOLDIERS AND THE SILENT MESSAGES COMPLETELY DEMORALIZED THEM AND INSTILLED A PERPETUAL FEELING OF FEAR AND HOPELESSNESS IN THEIR MINDS. iT WAS NECESSARY FOR THE iRAQI TANK COMMANDERS OR ANOTHER CREW MEMBER TO LISTEN TO THE FM STATION 24 HOURS EACH DAY FOR QUICKLY CHANGING DEPLOYMENT ORDERS. tHEY WERE BEING EXPOSED TO THE "SILENT sOUNDS" DURING THE SAME LISTENING PERIODS. The same Dhahran source indicates that the Al-Khafji station has now been repaired and is now back in full operation.