Satanic Ritual Abuse
Makes Gang Stalking Seem Likelier

May 2, 2004

Members of the general public don't believe gang stalking can be happening. Below are some news clippings about the equally horrible Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) arena, which in fact practices the type of child torture that produces MKULTRA-style "Manchurian Candidates".

Hopefully, illustrating these SRA atrocities will help the open minded visitor to this site realize that there are terrible things happening all the time, and that complacence will allow such atrocities to continue. Time to start asking tough questions of public servants and get real investigation started into both gang stalking and SRA.

========================================================================== Modesto Bee - January 15, 1994 in the Family of Satan? Survivors Recall Terrors By Dennis Roberts, Bee staff writer "Ann recalls going to playgrounds and beaches to lure youngsters. Sometimes they would explore poor neighborhoods, searching for homeless or neglected children. "They would assess the value of a child," Ann said, deciding whether to keep the child as a member of the cult, sacrifice the youngster, or use the child in pornography. "They film children being abused or tortured," Ann said. The victimizers are so clever they are never caught. "You have to understand they have a lot of contacts," Ann said. She recalled hearing that films were shipped out of the country, duplicated, then sent back in. That way, if the films were apprehended it would seem they were filmed outside the United States. Like Belinda, Ann never confronted her adoptive parents. Only her mother is still living. Both Ann and Belinda said they witnessed numerous sacrifices, animal and human. Local therapists Pam Clare and Bob Robinson believe clients like Belinda and Ann actually experienced the events they describe. Robinson has been treating ritual abuse cases since 1984, and is dealing with about a dozen clients who say they were victims. Clare has worked with about 50 victims of satanic ritual abuse since 1987. Robinson said survivors are "usually female, multi-gifted and talented ... multiple personality ... with unusual strength." Outwardly, he said, victims may look normal, even perfect. They may attend private schools. Their parents are often professionals with plenty of money. They may even be influential church members." ========================================================================== Idaho Falls Post Register (Idaho Falls, Idaho) December 9, 1993 Killer Says He 'Found God' after Arrest - By Paul B. Johnson "In the taped confession played in court on the second and final day of his sentencing hearing, Wood remembers thunder in the sky as he methodically dismembered the body of the girl he had kidnapped from a Pocatello neighborhood June 29 and murdered the next morning on the banks of the Snake River in Idaho Falls. Wood said he paused before he threw Jeralee's body into the river. He remembered the rain beating on his face as he held part of her above his head. 'I felt like it was as an offer to Satan,' he said." ========================================================================== Lewiston Morning Tribune (Idaho) June 7, 1992 Satanic Cults Rumors of Darkness: No Proof of Cults Found in Kamiah, But Expert Warns Parents Not to Stand Back By Sandra L. Lee Kamiah "The rumors of satanism devil worship began several months ago, centering around a small band of teen-agers. They had taken to wearing black. They were into heavy metal music, the kind with lyrics about death and violence. And they carved letters into the flesh of their own arms." "*Multigenerational satanic cults are the ones where abuse and sacrifice most often occur. These groups attract adults with promises of sex with children. It is here that children may be bred for sacrifice, or witness sacrifice of loved pets or even friends. Here, they may be buried alive by their parents and rescued by satanic priests to encourage bonding away from the family and with the group." "Many of the documented instances involving blood and sacrificial rites and sexual and physical abuse were decided to be unsuitable for printing in the Lewiston Tribune." "Greg P. Hassakis of Boise, a therapist who works with survivors of ritual abuse." ========================================================================== Idaho Falls Post Register (Idaho Falls, Idaho) April 07, 1994 Woman Reports Being Abducted, Abused by Paul B. Johnson "Police are investigating a report by a 40-year-old Idaho Falls woman that she had been abducted Sunday night and abused as part of a satanic ritual." ========================================================================== Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) November 29, 1992 Tales of Satanism Divide Mansfield; City Agonizes Over Children's Claims by Michael A. Hobbs; Plain Dealer Reporter - Mansfield "Months after two baby sitters were convicted of sexually assaulting more than 60 children at First Presbyterian Church in Mansfield, rumors persist that there is much, much more to the case. Like murder, cannibalism, mutilation of corpses, forcing children to consume bodily fluids and waste and animal blood. All part of satanic rituals. Children and their parents insist at least 18 more church members should be charged. Police and the Richland County prosecutor's office, which recently opened its thick files on the case to the public, have found no evidence to corroborate the wild accusations. And a grand jury declined to indict anyone else after hearing testimony from 30 children." ========================================================================== Diocese Reviews Satanic Slay Allegations By JOHN SEEWER The Associated Press TOLEDO, Ohio - The Toledo Diocese is taking another look at a woman's previously dismissed claims of satanic sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests now that one of the clergymen has been charged with the "ritualistic" slaying of a nun 24 years ago. The Rev. Gerald Robinson was arrested last week on charges of strangling and stabbing Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, 71, about 30 times during Easter weekend 1980. Her body, covered by an altar cloth and surrounded by burning candles, was found in a hospital chapel. Pahl's body was posed to look as if she had been sexually assaulted, but investigators said they found no evidence of sexual activity. Bishop Leonard Blair announced Tuesday that a seven-member diocesan review board will re-examine allegations made by a woman who told the panel in June that when she was a child she was physically and sexually abused by several priests, including Robinson. The panel had a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, but what was discussed is confidential, said diocese spokeswoman Sally Oberski. The woman described satanic ceremonies in which clergy members placed her in a coffin filled with cockroaches, forced her to swallow what she believed to be a human eyeball and penetrated her with a snake "to consecrate these orifices to Satan." The diocese had decided not to forward the woman's claims to authorities because it could not substantiate them. However, the allegations were brought to the attention of prosecutors in a letter received in December, assistant prosecutor Gary Cook said Monday. He would not say who sent the letter. Three other people have said they also were abused by priests in rituals, said Catherine Hoolahan, an attorney who represents about a dozen people with abuse lawsuits against the Toledo Diocese. They all mentioned similar occurrences, she said, but she would not provide details. Not all those who made the claims have filed lawsuits, and none of the allegations were against Robinson, she said. Hoolahan said the victims, both men and women, could not recall how many priests abused them. "Remember, they were children," she said. "They were scared to death, but they remember a bunch - a large number." The diocese said it decided to re-examine the allegations because of findings by two of its own investigators. The bishop's announcement did not elaborate, and diocese officials did not return calls Wednesday. Police Capt. Mike Murphy would not say if police were investigating the abuse allegations. Louis Schlesinger, a forensic psychology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, said people committing ritual crimes seek sexual gratification by posing their victims in certain ways or by making them say certain things or act in a certain way. It is also common for a sexual offender to kill one of his victims but not the others, he said. But Kenneth Lanning, a former FBI agent who studied hundreds of cases of alleged satanic abuse, said he found no documented examples of organized group ritual abuse. "There were cases of bizarre crimes or people dabbling in the occult who performed bizarre crimes," he said. But he said there no evidence of a group or cult coordinating the abuse. Robinson remained in jail Wednesday. Supporters said they had enough money and property to meet his $200,000 bail but needed to complete the paperwork. The diocese is not paying the priest's legal bills. The Toledo Diocese includes 323,000 Catholics in northwestern Ohio. It has 159 parishes and 287 priests. ========================================================================== Analysis: Springtime for Satanists 4/30/04 (UPI) By Uwe Siemon-Netto, UPI Religious Affairs Editor Washington "details surrounding the Rev. Robinson's arrest suggest ghoulish practices by clergymen, at least in this case...."This pretty much corresponds to the type of abuse I have been told about when counseling survivors of Satanist rituals five or six years ago in Connecticut," the Rev. Bernard Bush, a Jesuit priest and psychotherapist who now runs a retreat house in Los Altos, Cal., told United Press International Friday. "I have learned about such rituals conducted by priests," he added. "However, they did not involve murders." But Bush confirmed that patients he counseled reported to him black masses in which "children and freshly aborted fetuses were sacrificed." "Not so long ago, a young man came to me asking for help. He had become part of a Satanist cult and participated in blood sacrifices (of animals), but was working himself up to participating in human sacrifices." The Rev. Mather, who has investigated incidents involving possible Satanist activities throughout the United States and acts as a consultant to police departments around the country, said so far he has not seen any evidence that priests had murdered humans in Satanist rites. However, both Bush and Mather said that liturgical churches -- Catholic, Episcopal and Lutheran -- are the preferred target of the most lethal group of devil worshipers, the so-called Traditionals, whom Mather described as highly secretive and usually very well educated....Satanists attack denominations according to their respective beliefs. For example, Mather saw black wax on the altar of an Episcopal church in Plymouth, Mass., indicating that a black mass had been celebrated there. "Later police discovered the remains of animals sacrificed in this area." And in a Roman Catholic church in West Yarmouth, Mass., feces were found on the altar. In a Lutheran congregation, also in New England, the woman Catholic researcher found that the pastor celebrated the Eucharist in the sanctuary every Sunday morning, sticking faithfully to his liturgical manual, the Lutheran Book of Worship. But at night he would conduct black masses in the basement, again using the same book yet turning all their essential Eucharistic texts on their head....And the Rev. Bush told UPI of a discovery that the day care operation of a non-liturgical, Presbyterian congregation had been taken over by a Satanist cult. And that, he said, was also in Ohio, where the Catholic Church is now reeling from the Robinson case."