La Complainte du P'tit Youpin Arrogant et Obtus :

« Tout ce qui est terroir, bourrées, binious, bref - franchouillard ou cocardier, nous est étranger, voire odieux. »- Bernard-Henri Lévy.

La Réplique du P'tit Huguenot Heureux de Revenir au Bercail :

"France is a beautiful country and the French are a wonderful people, with a big heart, who welcomed you and your family, just like they welcome all the other bloody foreigners who come here seeking a better life, with open arms. Now, if you're not happy in our great country and the local traditions cause you some kind of problem, please, do us all a favour and fuck off home to Israel on the next plane. We won't miss you one little bit." - John Hodgkinson.