Why The Media Don't Like Dolores.

“I don't know what's happening to people today

When a child, he was taken away

There's a place for the baby that died

There's a time for the mother that cried

And she will hold him in her arms sometimes

‘Cause nine months is too long, too long.”

That was Dolores, that “stupid Catholic girl from Limerick” as she called herself, in ‘The Icicle Melts' from The Cranberries' 1994 album ‘No Need To Argue'. Writing and singing a song against abortion is already enough to get you blacklisted by the ‘international media', enemies of Western civilization in general and of the Catholic church in particular. Then that same “stupid Catholic girl” went the whole hog in 1999 with ‘Promises' on The Cranberries' ‘Bury The Hatchet' album, railing against the new law legalizing divorce in Ireland :

“Oh, all the promises we made

All the meaningless and empty words

I prayed, prayed, prayed.

Oh, all the promises we broke

All the meaningless and empty words

I spoke, spoke, spoke.”

In an interview she said that this album, ‘Bury The Hatchet', was meant, among other things, to “make peace with the media”. Dolores, darling, if you knew who controlled the media, you would soon realize that you can't “make peace” with these guys while defending at the same time your national culture, let alone your nation. “Stupid Catholic girl.” You said it.

But worse was to come. On the same “make peace with the media” album our Catholic girl from Limerick dared to write a song denouncing pedophilia ! Dolores, are you nuts ? When you see the huge efforts deployed by the ‘stateless' media to defend the vile Roman Polanski (real name Raymond Liebling, same ethnic group as Messrs Rothschild & Co.) who openly admits that he likes drugging then sodomising 13-year-old girls - you should easily realize you won't curry media favour by attacking pedophiles. The backsides of 13-year-old (and younger) kids is the “unexplored continent” that the French Socialist luminary Jack Lang (same ethnic group as Liebling and Rothschild, and also as the once hugely popular media darling ‘Sir' Jimmy Savile, but this is pure coincidence, of course) and his doctor friend Bernard Kouchner (another one !) campaigned to be legally opened to their exploration projects in the oh-so-tolerant ‘70's. They failed then, but the project is still in their disgusting pipeline. They think time is on their side, and in any case the fact that it's illegal doesn't stop them doing it – just ask Doctor Kouchner and Mister Lang once the lying microphone is off.

It's difficult to assassinate somebody as popular as Dolores O'Riordan. Mind you, they did it to John Lennon, so Dolores, watch your step and, take our advice, never, ever settle in the USA. It's not the salt-of-the-earth average American citizen who runs the show over there, and CIA-trained stalkers are big business in the country that played host to Nazi psychiatrists when the death camps were liberated and their supply of human guinea pigs suddenly dried up. See, on this subject, our articles about or by Cathy O'Brien, Kathleen Sullivan, Mark Phillips, Wes Penre, Elizabeth Taylor, Stanley Kubrick (including a passage on the John Lennon assassination).

It is suspected that Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan-Sirhan, Charles Manson, John Hinckley Jr., Mark Chapman, David Koresh, Timothy McVeigh and John Salvi were all mind-control victims. (See 'Project Monarch : Nazi Mind Control' by Ron Patton.)

So God help you for your audacity, sweet Dolores, and we pray He will. You are upsetting some very nasty people, if we can still call them 'people'. Just don't be surprised any more if 'the media' don't like you and the much-too-clever Catholic girl that you have now become.

Here, then, are the lyrics to ‘Fee Fi Fo '. Lots of anger, lots of pain and, as usual, Dolores “wrote it out in a verse”, set it to music, and moulded it into a masterpiece. Even if you don't understand the lyrics (as many of her fans on the continent won't), it's a treat, four and a half minutes of big culture shock from across the Irish Sea. Thanks, Dolores (and the boys, of course!) for this, and for all the rest. Surely, young Ireland is blessed to have such beautiful, brave people as you to stand up and defend it. As the lovely lady once said herself : "You need love ... and rock 'n' roll."

“Fee fi fo she smells his body

She smells his body

And it makes her sick to her mind.

He has got so much to answer for, to answer for

To ruin a child's mind.

How could you touch something so innocent and pure


How could you get satisfaction from the body of a child

You're vile.

It's true what people say

God protect the ones who help themselves in their own way

It's true what people say

God protect the ones who help themselves in their own way.


He was sitting in her bedroom

In her bedroom

And now what should she do ?

She's got so much insecurity

And his impurity

It was a gathering gloom.

  How could you touch something so innocent and pure


How could you get satisfaction from the body of a child

You're vile, sick.

It's true what people say

God protect the ones who help themselves in their own way

And I often wonder to myself

Who'll protect the ones who can't protect themselves ?

John Hodgkinson (her N°1 fan, as you might just have guessed).

14th September, 2013.

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