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New Evidence Diana Was Murdered By MI6

21 Aug 2012

posted by Jon King


15 years after her death new evidence has emerged that Diana was murdered by MI6 ‘Boston brakes'…

New Evidence Diana Was Murdered By MI6

By Richard Coleman

The ‘Boston Brakes'

Fifteen years after her death, new evidence has emerged that Princess Diana was murdered in an MI6-organized ‘Boston brakes' operation.

Following the 2008 Royal Inquest debacle, which ruled out MI6 involvement in Diana's death, new evidence has come to light which challenges the ‘official verdict'.

In their book, Princess Diana: The Evidence , authors Jon King and John Beveridge present evidence that a highly sophisticated assassination technique was used to cause the princess's vehicle to crash as it drove through the Alma tunnel, Paris, in the early hours of August 31st, 1997.

The ‘Boston brakes', they reveal, is the most favoured assassination technique employed by the West's intelligence services due to its deniability.

The authors were able to compile such a detailed and compelling case due to information gleaned from their well-placed intelligence and security contacts-mostly former special and elite forces members, mercenaries, royal bodyguards, and on occasion, hired assassins.

Some of these crack military contractors disclosed details of prior operations in which the ‘Boston brakes' had been successfully used. Others, who fought in Angola, site of Diana's landmines campaign, threw light on the secret oil and diamond wars still raging in central Africa, and in particular the dirty arms-for-oil deals carried out by MI6, French DGSE, the CIA and the Bush-Cheney oil syndicate.

By focusing the light of the world's media on Angola, the authors were told, the princess was in danger of exposing these deals, and was thus placing herself “in grave danger”. The fact that she was compiling a dossier containing the names of high-powered British politicians and businessmen involved in the deals, ditto.

It should be noted that, for obvious reasons, some of the sources quoted in the book remain anonymous. But many are named.

New Evidence Diana Was Murdered By MI6

The SAS And The Clinic

Speaking of the ‘Boston brakes' operation which he believed killed Princess Diana, former SAS sergeant, Dave Cornish, exclusively revealed:

“From the minute the decoy car left the Ritz to the moment the tail car closed in … it was obvious what was going down. Anyone who knows what they're talking about'll tell you the same.”

And former Royal bodyguard, Mike Grey, added:

“The operation bore all the classic hallmarks of a security service assassination …. I have no doubts whatsoever, given my twenty years experience in various sections of the security industry, that Diana was assassinated. The security service hallmarks are plain to see.”

But it was former SAS officer and world-famous explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who offered perhaps the most telling revelation of all.

The ‘Boston brakes' method of assassination, Fiennes reveals, has been in use since at least the 1980s, and deploys a microchip transceiver which takes over the target vehicle's steering and brakes at the critical moment.

The method, he says, was first deployed by the CIA in Boston, hence the name. But it has since been adopted by intelligence and security forces the world over, as well as by private security firms and their hit squads.

Fiennes also confirms that the death by ‘road traffic accident' of SAS Major Michael Marman in England in 1986 was the result of a Boston brakes operation carried out by a private hit squad known as The Clinic.

New Evidence Diana Was Murdered By MI6

The Attempt To Assassinate Camilla

Further instances of the Boston brakes in action are also cited in the book, including the death by ‘road traffic accident' of Diana's former lover and bodyguard, Barry Mannakee, in 1987, and – staggeringly – the attempted assassination by ‘road traffic accident' of Camilla Parker Bowles just two months prior to Diana's own fatal crash.

The story of this never-before-disclosed incident is recounted in some detail in the book.

According to sources quoted by the authors, the attempt on Camilla Parker Bowles's life was the result of a “constitutional crisis” engendered by Prince Charles's desire to marry his long-term lover while Diana was still alive.

According to Tony Wright, then parliamentary aide to the Lord Chancellor, the crisis was so severe it almost resulted in the disestablishment of the Church (see The Independent ).

As the authors point out, such a move would have amounted to the biggest, most far-reaching constitutional reforms since Henry VIII. And we all know what happened to his wives…

New Evidence Diana Was Murdered By MI6

Seat Belt “Jammed In The Retracted Position”

Other revelations in the book include an interview with a well-known Harley Street specialist [named in the book] who became Diana's nutritional guru.

Fearing she might have been pregnant, the authors reveal, Diana visited her nutritional guru for dietary advice prior to her final holiday with Dodi Fayed. Following her visit the specialist's Harley Street clinic was broken into and his computer stolen.

And there are many other fresh concerns raised in this uncompromising cross-examination of the ‘accident theory', in which the authors assume the roles of prosecuting counsels in what is effectively a ‘people's inquiry'.

Not least among these concerns is the anomaly surrounding Diana's seat-belt, which, the authors reveal, was found by the Operation Paget team to have been “jammed in the retracted position” and thus unusable – a fact, like so many others, brushed aside by the Royal Inquest.

Other challenges to the ‘accident theory' include:

New Evidence Diana Was Murdered By MI6

Also In ‘Princess Diana – The Evidence'

Incredibly, Princess Diana: The Evidence also reveals foreknowledge of a prime-target assassination being planned by MI6 one week prior to Diana's fatal crash.

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