Human Rights, Racist anti-Racism and the Trayvon Martin Case.

May 30, 2012

By Dr. David Duke.

I am sick to death of hearing about the Trayvon Martin Case.

But I am so appalled by the naked racism in regard to the media treatment of this case that I must speak out, even at the risk of being misunderstood by a few closed minded people who can't think for themselves.

For I believe a media lynch mob has used this case to inflame racial hatred and widespread horrific violence.

Before I go into the details of the Trayvon Martin case, I want to take you on short historical survey of how cries for justice and human rights are used to repeatedly justify horrific violations of human rights.

We can start with the strange case of Iraq, where a million men, women and children were murdered in a war supposedly meant to end human rights crimes committed by Saddam Hussein.

In addition, millions more Iraqi men, women and children were wounded, burned and maimed, crippled and blinded.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans were wounded, harmed, maimed, burned, crippled or killed as well.

The Pentagon now admits that over 400,000 Americans suffered traumatic brain injury.

All this human suffering and loss in war called “Operation Iraqi Freedom” was heavily promoted by the mass media as a war for human freedom and rights.

Long before that war started, in the name of human rights, we launched an embargo of food and even medicine to Iraq.

A million innocent Iraqis died, mostly children and the elderly. Many more innocents suffered.

Leslie Stahl of 60 minutes asks:

“We have heard a half a millions children have died, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. Is the price [to cause problems for Saddam Hussein] worth it?”

The then American Secretary of State, the very Zionist Madeline Albright answers:

“I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.”

It was “worth it” to kill 500,000 kids in order to save them from evil Saddam.

In answer to Madeline Albright, would you think it is “worth it” if somebody killed your own child, or your own husband or wife, or mother and father or millions of fellow Americans in the name of their human rights?

And in the end, it turned out Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

God, how the Zionist-dominated media manipulated us into supporting the war Israel wanted against its chief enemy of the time, Saddam Hussein!

You might ask why I might have any right to speak about this?

The fact is I was one of the few Americans who spoke trying to prevent the war.

Newsweek   magazine, in the   Periscope   news section, November 25, 2002, four months before the war started, told how the Zionist-controlled U.S. State Department tried to prevent me from speaking against the war on International TV networks by threatening to revoke their American media credentials if they simply dared to interview me and let me show why weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a big media lie.

It is easy now for you look back and see the insanity. Alleged Iraqi possession of weapons of mass destruction were used to justify the unleashing of our own real horrific weapons of mass destruction on millions of innocent people.

And now, I speak to you just as honestly on the Trayvon Martin and will show you how in the name of human rights, the media is fostering racial hatreds, conflict and violence.  Let me continue my historical narrative.

I believe that every decent person on this planet must oppose the harm or exploitation of any race or nationality by any other race or nationality.

This is true of groups within a nation or between nations. Every day of my life I affirm that principle.

As a historian, I can tell you that every race, tribe and nationality has exploited or harmed other peoples at different times.

This is true among the Asian peoples, African Peoples, Amerindian peoples, and yes, the European peoples.

Historically, the Romans invaded other European nations and the Mideast.

Later, Africans invaded Spain, Ottoman Muslims invaded Greece and Europe.

Then later, Europeans invaded the Middle East in the Crusades, and in more recent times in the colonial expansion of the 19th century.

There were repeated Asian invasions of Russia and even into the heart of Europe, as well as European invasions of Asia.

The Aztecs and Incas built great pyramids, but they also brutally conquered, murdered, enslaved and suppressed other peoples.

Historically, Europeans enslaved other Europeans and other peoples including Africans.

But, I pray that you are not so blinded as not to know that Africans also enslaved Africans and others for thousands of years before Europeans arrived—and after they left Africa.

No race on this planet has completely clean hands. But thank God we have a different morality today—or at least we know that we should have! We recognize the evil of such things in the distant past, but somehow many are blind to huge evils in today's world.

The leading role of Jewish communist leaders in the horrific human suffering and mass murders of Bolshevism, which is indisputably the greatest human slaughter of all time, was in turn used to justify human rights crimes against many innocent Jews in what is called the Holocaust.

And, the Holocaust is still used today to justify horrific ethnic terror and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, a people who had absolutely no part of the conflict in Europe.

A caring human being looking at these historical wrongs can see how violence against innocent people is wrong, no matter how it is excused by arguments of payback, justice or karma, or what have you.

Tragically, we see a recurring pattern of hate, violence and murder against completely innocent members of a race, including women and children, as justified by alleged wrongs by the race or ethnic group.

Some people promote and justify the incitement of hate, violence, discrimination or harm against innocent, individual Europeans and even children, in the name of anti-racism.

I did a video last year showing how a world anti-Genocide organization called   Genocide Watch   said that there is an ongoing racially-motivated murder and genocide against thousands of innocent women, children and men in South Africa.

After I exposed this genocide, I got dozens of emails saying that those White South Africans, even the raped and butchered babies, the little children and elderly, are just getting what they deserve! How sick can people be?

I hope to God that you agree that no child, no person of any race deserves to raped or murdered.

If your mind is truly open, I will show you how the race-baiting, mainstream media has used the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, in debatable circumstances, to inflame hatred and violence against many innocent White children and adults in America and Europe.

  I will offer here powerful evidence, that the mass media, with biased and factually incorrect news coverage on the Trayvon Martin case, has inflamed racial hatred that has spurred African Americans to violence and mayhem.

From the beginning of the Martin case, European Americans were collectively accused of murdering Trayvon Martin.

Without a single credible bit of evidence that racism had anything to do with the shooting, a national, media-orchestrated lynch mob went after George Zimmerman, a person not even actually a White man, but of mixed race. Here's a picture of an ancestor of George


Zimmerman shown on the Pierce Morgan Show on CNN.

So how does a mixed race person, who would be surely be labeled a minority for affirmative action programs, suddenly become a quote, “White male” in the altercation with Trayvon?

After his non-White ancestry became undeniable and spread by the Internet, some of the press began referring to him as a “Hispanic white man.”

Actually there are many Hispanics who are truly 100 percent White European, but since when does the press call anyone a quote, “Hispanic White man?”

Ask yourself, when the media praises a Hispanic man, do they ever call him a great Hispanic White man, or a great Hispanic White person?

In this dubious situation, the media just had to throw that word White in there. Today, White is almost like a racial epithet to keep the white guilt going.

In today's school textbooks, if the term White people or White race is used at all, it is almost always used in extremely negative sense: Quote, Whites or White people enslaved, colonized, discriminated, etc. etc. etcetera.

School textbooks speak of great Black men or Black achievements, but never ever speak of quote, “Great White men or Great White achievements.”

Racism is ubiquitous in media portrayal of the Trayvon Martin case. Other than invective, there is absolutely no evidence that mixed race George Zimmerman has so-called white racist sentiments.

George has a long time close Black friend, who swears that Zimmerman is the farthest thing from a racist. And that brave Black man said this publicly, even though he must have known it would unleash scorn and hate against him in his own Black community.

Zimmerman and his wife have spent thousands of hours mentoring and helping Black children, solely from concern for their well-being, without receiving a penny for their efforts.

So here we have a mixed race, Hispanic man, with close Black friends and who has spent thousands of hours helping Black kids, accused of White racism. And White America and White racism is blamed for shooting.

You have had Black extremists, even including members of Congress making all kinds of untrue, vicious allegations against Zimmerman saying he shot down Martin quote, “like a dog in the street.” All heavily reported by the media, and hardly a word of condemnation or refutation of these agitators in the media.

Another Black congressman said that Trayvon was shot solely because of his race. He said, quote Trayvon was shot because he was WWB  (walking while Black) in a gated community. In fact, this gated community was over twenty percent black.

Take for instance, an Op-Ed column in America's most prestigious newspaper, the NY Times called “The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin” by Charles M. Blow published on March 16, 2012. Blow writes this as he brings up the specter of racial discrimination again and again:

As the father of two black teenage boys, this case hits close to home. This is the fear that seizes me whenever my boys are out in the world… That is the burden of black boys in America and the people that love them: running the risk of being descended upon in the dark and caught in the cross-hairs of someone who crosses the line.

He says, “Black teenage boys”, “Black boys”, he brings up race again and again and then suggested every time his kids are out in the world he is seized by fear that some White person will shoot him one of his sons.

Come on. What do Black boys really have to fear? Is it not the gang bangers, the drug dealers and the violent criminals that plague the Black community and who also rack up a huge number of victims in the White community as well?

Such a statement is not only ridiculous, it is very, very racist.

And if this racist, anti-White, inflammatory rhetoric is found in what is supposed to be America's most respected paper, what do we find in the rest of media? Brother, it gets a lot worse.

Blatant Fraud

The biggest daily TV Show, The Today Show, on the biggest TV broadcast network, NBC, actually doctored George's 911 cell phone recording to make him appear racist.

Here's the supposed 911 call that NBC showed to the world:

And here is how the 911 conversation actually went.

[This guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's walking around, looking about. OPERATOR: And this guy, is he White, Black or Hispanic? Zimmerman: He looks Black.]

Thank God for the Internet. NBC was caught red-handed and had to admit that they had lied in order to whip up anti-White hatred.

And by the way, the autopsy on Trayvon revealed that he did have THC, the potent drug found in marijuana in his system at the time of the incident. Was George correct in his initial assessment?

And guess what else the autopsy of Martin showed:

Trayvon had no marks or bruises showing that he was not punched or struck by Zimmerman. Other than the bullet wound, the only other wounds on Martin's body were on the knuckles of his fists. On the knuckles of his fists.

Medical examination of George showed no wounds on his knuckles. From day one, the police report compiled at the scene of the shooting detailed that George had extensive wounds.

These included a severely broken and bleeding nose, numerous bloody lacerations and bleeding to the back of his head.

All this suggested that George was the real victim of a violent assault and that he acted in self defense, at the Zimmerman's cut and bleeding head after the assault by Martin.last minute to possibly save his life. The medical examination confirmed these wounds.

Here is small example of the typically biased ways the media represented the incident.

An ABC TV report by Diane Sawyer:  “The explosive case of Trayvon Martin, that unarmed teen shot walking through a neighborhood.”

That line suggests that Trayvon was shot just for walking in a neighborhood.

News reports could have just as reasonably headlined, in line with the original police reports, and the eyewitnesses and the fact that Zimmerman was not arrested, “Teen shot after he allegedly attacked a neighborhood crime watch resident.”

There was no eyewitness or physical evidence to contradict George's statement that he was attacked brutally and acted in self defense. And there was a great deal to support it.

But with all these abundant facts, a media-orchestrated lynch mob got going full force across America and across Europe alleging a White racist murder against a completely innocent Black teenager.

In fact, the available physical and eyewitness evidence is that George was a victim of a vicious physical attack, who had to use his legal fire arm to protect himself, and that if he didn't use it, and at the last possible moment, he could be dead himself.

Media headlines trumpeted that a White man had shot an “unarmed Black Teen.” And these headlines were accompanied by a years-younger picture of Trayvon Martin and seedy-looking George Zimmerman.

It practically looks like a picture of a pedophile next to his child victim.

Mentioning the race of crime perpetrators and victims is almost never done in the American media.   The Los Angeles Times   for instance issued an official statement in 2007 that the standard media practice in America is to censors the race of minority crime perpetrators.

Here is the statement:

“ Racial information was once routinely included in news stories about crimes, but in recent decades, newspapers and other media outlets stopped mentioning suspects' or victims' race or ethnicity because of public criticism. Newspapers came to embrace the idea that such information is irrelevant to the reporting of crimes, and may unfairly stigmatize racial groups.” (June 6, 2007 LA Times official statement)

But, the same LA Times has run dozens of articles about the Martin case stating that Zimmerman is “White” and Martin is a “Black teen” and many blaming white racism and white people in general for crime.

But don't think the hypocrisy is only found in the Los Angeles Times.

The Associated Press is the biggest source of newspaper articles in America and across the entire world.

Investigative reporter Kyle Rogers wrote an article titled “Should race play a role in how the media reports crime?”  (October 9, 2011). He reported:

“Tom Kent, deputy managing editor for standards and production at The Associated Press recently admitted that the AP censors black crime.”

Yet the same Associated Press that admits censoring black crime repeatedly ran the false racial classification of Zimmerman as “White” and that a “Black teenager" was shot by “White man.”

The Chicago Tribune senior vice-president and editor Gerould Kern admitted his paper's policy of censoring the race of black criminals. The admission came after a series of brutally motivated black mob attacks against Whites in Chicago in which the newspaper covered up the race of a mob that attacked White people.

It also played up the race of Trayvon Martin and falsely reported the mixed race Hispanic, George Zimmerman as a quote “White” and Martin as an “unarmed Black teenager.”

Racial facts of a horrific crime covered up by the New York Times

Of course, the queen of American journalism is the NY Times. I already talked about the OpEd, but now listen to this:

In March of 2011, 28 black males were sought in the gang rape of an 11 year old Mexican girl in Cleveland, Texas. The sexual attacks were actually filmed on some of the rapists' cell phones. To the complete truth you have to go a British paper, The Daily Mail, as shown here.

Phillip Corbett, associate manager of the New York Times, confessed to censoring the fact the race of the 18 men charged and the 10 more (a total of 28 black males) who were sought for the rape of an eleven year old Mexican girl.

Black Panther Quanell X held a rally blaming the arrests on White racism and blamed the 11 year girl for her own rape.

The NY Times also labelled the 100 Blacks at the rally as “Texans.”

Be honest, when you hear the moniker Texans, don't you automatically think of a Clint Eastwood type White guy with cowboy boots. Take a look, do these accused rapists look to you like Clint Eastwood?

The very same NY Times that covered up Black crime and played up the that mixed-race Zimmerman was “White” and the victim a “Black teen” and ran inflammatory articles of Black leaders calling it a racist murder by the White community, all without a single editorial word against the hateful and inflammatory race-baiting.

The same big media in America covered up the race of Black violent criminals who have made gang and mob attacks against Whites,  have consistently played up and sensationalized the tiny number of White attacks on Blacks, including many which should have been obviously false, such as the Duke University Lacrosse Rape Allegations and the Tawana Brawley abuse and rape case.

In the Duke Case, the Black stripper who accused the Duke LaCrosse team of rape was given a forensic examination. The results showed DNA from multiple males, but absolutely no matching DNA from the seven accused Lacrosse players. This evidence was withheld by the prosecutor from the defense and the prosecutor was cited for repeated misconduct. The White defendants were completely exonerated.

For almost a year, the University was awash in White guilt, which blamed the attack on White racism that permeated the university and the nation.

But the truth is that the prosecution of these innocent students were proof of the exact opposite: namely, vicious race-hate propaganda of the major media against European Americans.

The other big media case which claimed to portray White criminality was the Tawana Brawley case. In that incident, Miss Brawley falsely claimed she was kidnapped, raped, and even set afire by six Whites (including police officers) in 1987.

She claimed she had been kept in the woods for days in freezing temperatures, raped, sexually abused and that racist words were written across her torso.

Forensic tests proved there was no rape or sexual abuse of any kind, no evidence of exposure, she offered no description of her alleged assailants. Parts of her clothing were burned but she had not even a hint of any burns on her, and the words on her torso were written upside down as would suggest an amateurish effort of her to write the words on herself.

The evidence of fraud on her part was overwhelming but her case became one of the most covered rape and kidnapping cases in American history, with a veritable flood of the most vicious racist propaganda imaginable against White America for the alleged deed and then an alleged White coverup.

After months of anti-White hatred and inflammatory accusations, a long and extensive grand jury investigation convincingly revealed the entire case to be a fraud.

One of the proponents of the Tawana Brawley fraud was the Rev. Al Sharpton, who later was sued and found guilty of inflammatory defamation in the case and paid $65,000.

It should be of no surprise that Sharpton is a major player in the in the inflaming of racial hatred in the Trayvon Martin case just as he did in the Tawana Brawley hoax.

But Sharpton is a media star and his involvement in the Brawley Hoax has gone down what George Orwell called, “the memory hole.” The Duke Lacrosse case the Tawana Brawley cases each had over a year of media-saturated anti-European hate propaganda. Both those cases have been proven to be complete hoaxes.

They were the most media-covered cases of White on Black crime the United States since the Second World War and they both turned out to be complete hoaxes.

In actual fact, crime figures show that 89 percent of cross race crimes in America are actually Black against White, not White against Black.

The media hides or downplays the racial identity of Black perpetrators of murder, rape and other violence against White people, while sensationalizing any alleged White racial attacks against Blacks.

The overwhelming impression, created by the mass media in America from these cases, and indeed in the Trayvon Martin case, is that Whites are committing an epidemic of horrific racist crimes against Black men and women.

In reality the exact opposite is true.

In the name of anti-racism we see the media inflaming racial hatred in a Black population that is unfortunately already far more violent that Whites. The inevitable result of such inflammatory media coverage are even more racist, violent attacks against European Americans.

And even in just the few weeks since the media racist incitement of the Trayvon Martin case there has been a wave of horrific attacks on Whites often by enraged, brutal Black mobs.

Now I will show to you a horrific case that reveals the hypocrisy and naked racism associated with Trayvon Martin Case.

I will tell you about a White victim of vicious brutality that occurred in the same community as the Trayvon Martin case and during at the height of the inflammatory hate rhetoric of the mass media during the Martin case.

Just about everybody today knows the name Trayvon Martin, but unless you have read my writings at, the odds are millions to one that you have heard the name Mark Slavin. I will tell you his story.

Exactly one month after the Trayvon Martin incident, and at the height of the inflammatory anti-White media frenzy surrounding the Martin case, a European American was brutally attacked by two African American teenagers in the same small Florida community of Sanford.

The victim was a man named Mark Slavin and the assailants were only a little older than Trayvon Martin.

The two Black gangbangers bashed Slavin's head in with a hammer.

The teens bashed in the head of the middle aged man, 50, with thirteen crushing blows with a hammer.  As you listen to my words, Mr. Slavin still lingers between life and death and clings to life support.

His father reports that his son endured such terrible hammer blows to the head that he is still grotesquely unrecognizable.

The arrested Blacks are named Yahaziel Israel and Julius Bender.

Israel's Facebook page displays pictures of the pair in their gangsta persona. A gangsta persona that of course is characterized by gangster rap which frequently contains extremely violent and anti-White, and violent and disgusting abuse of women.

But, the most shocking thing about the attack is the fact that there is direct connection of this horrific racial assault to a Black Hebrew religious cult called Nation of Yahweh, a violent, Black, anti-White cult that specializes in cutting off the body parts of its victims.

The unusual name of Yahaziel Israel, as well as his sister's name is the same style of the names adopted by this cult, and in Israel's Facebook page he links to his father's Facebook page which promotes the cult.

The sensational, horrific, nature of this attack, in the height of anti-White hate and frenzy in the Black community, occurred in the same Sanford community as the Martin case. There is a family connection between a perpetrator and a murderous anti-White cult, and you would think that this case would demand tremendous media coverage.

Well, think again.

In the short non-descript reporting the arrest of the two Black suspects for the attack, the local newspaper did not even mention the race of the assailants.

There was no mention of the race of the White victim.

There was no mention of the clear connection that the family of one of the attackers has to a murderous anti-White cult, and that the attack occurred at the height an anti-White frenzy of hate spurred on by the media.

There was absolutely no national news media coverage of this vicious attack and the arrests of the perpetrators. The local Sanford media did not even give the name of the victim, Mark Slavin, who lived in the area as a popular local furniture store manager.

The only newspaper article that even mentioned his name was hundreds of miles away, in Jacksonville, Florida, where the victim's father lived.

There were no local Sanford or Statewide or nationwide stories about the victim, No mention of his name or photographs of the victim or his family. I can't find one in the media to even show you. No interviews with grieving friends and family have appeared in the national press. Mark Slavin is just a faceless, nameless victim that doesn't evoke the kind of empathy aroused when people psychologically connect with a name and face and family, as in the Trayvon Martin case.

And finally, there are no mainstream media investigations into the explosive facts of the case I just outlined. No mentions of the implications of race in a cross racial crime close to the original Martin incident and at the height of the media frenzy. No national media period.

In the Trayvon Martin media frenzy, supposed anti-racism has been used to incite racial hate, violence and division.

I have shown that horrific Black race crimes have been covered up, while the tiny number of White cross race crimes and faked White crimes have been exploited and sensationalized by media.

In the name of fighting anti-White racism, real racism, real racial violence and brutality has been incited on a massive scale.

Here is a picture of Trayvon Martin in his gangsta persona, and here is a picture posted on his Facebook page of the accused Yahaziel Israel and Julius Bender. Is not fascinating to note the perpetrators of the horrific hammer attack against an innocent White man have almost exactly the same attire and expressions as Trayvon Martin.

It is reasonable to assume that the gangsta, anti-White persona, and the chronic recital of White racism had an effect on Trayvon Martin himself.

Remember that Trayvon's Twitter name was the racially evocative @No_Limit_Nigga.

The racist, anti-White media could well have been the ultimate origin of an angry and violent attack on George Zimmerman who Martin perceived as White man persecuting him simply because he was Black.

Trayvon's attack on Zimmerman led to the injury of his perceived enemy, and very likely to his own death. How many more young Black as well as White victims will be created by this media incitement of hatred and racist, anti-White racism and rage in African Americans.

The truth is that the average White American is not the enemy of the average African American.

Instead of the media created-bogeyman of White racism, African Americans must learn that their real enemy is the same enemy of European Americans.

It is the controlled media, whose very heart is the Hollywood movie, TV and music industry that makes cool drug and alcohol abuse that harms and enslaves millions of Black and White Americans, that promotes sexual degeneracy and disease that destroys millions of black families and White families,  that drown our black and white young people in sick culture of incessant blood and violence, and that is financed by the blood money of the makers of junk foods that destroy the health and ultimately ruin the lives of millions of African Americans and European Americans.

The same establishment matrix of media and government and international finance has promoted the last century of wars that have cost millions of lives, first in Europe with the two world wars fought in the service of Zionism and now in the wars of the Mideast fought in the unholy service of Israel and the Globalist banking elite.

In addition to cost of millions of lost or ruined American lives, these wars have cost all of us, both Black and White, trillions of dollars stolen from our pockets.

Who are the real enemies of African Americans? They are the same enemies of White Americans. The Zionist International Banksters who steal trillions of dollars and who are reducing us all to slaves to their ungodly financial thievery, usury and political bribery and corruption.

In truth, Trayvon Martin ultimately was a victim of this Globalist New World Order, and a nation and middle class purposefully eroded by it.

And George Zimmerman, his life ruined, is a victim of it, as is every American.

African Americans have legitimate interests facing their people as do White Americans. I believe that the media and political bosses keep White and Black Americans from arriving at a fair and peaceful settlement of the true desires of both peoples.

The media demonizes Black leaders such as Minister Farrakhan and others who seek healthy Black communities and values, and people like me who seek the same for European Americans, and indeed the same for all peoples, all expressions of humanity.

They seek to keep us in conflict as part of their divide and conquer strategy. They seek to stir the pot of hate and conflict by massive immigration constructing a tower of Babel that they can manipulate by through their divide and conquer strategy

To my African American fiends and to those of my European heritage, don't let them keep us from focusing on the real enemy that harms us both.

Let no race harm another. No people should exploit any other. No people should repress any other.

Let every people preserve their identity, their heritage, their values, their freedom, their culture, and their unique character.

Let them have the freedom to associate in communities of harmony with the human right to create their own unique expressions humanity. Every people on this planet have in inherent human right to freedom and independence.

Finally, let us all win our emancipation from the destructive violence and degradation of the degenerate Hollywood media, the International Robber Banks and the corrupted politicians and Globalists that lead America, Europe and all of humanity to a mutual destruction.

I began this documentary by showing how millions of human beings have been murdered and harmed in the name of protecting human rights.

I beseech all of you throw of the media programming, open your minds and hearts, and don't let hatred, violence and conflict be spawned by the media.

The oppression, exploitation or harming of any other race is real definition of racism.

In the name of real justice don't promote real racism and harm to other peoples.

I say….No more wars to end war.

No more bombing for peace.

No more massacres of the innocent motivated by so-called justice.

And, for heaven's sake, no more racism in the name of anti-racism.

In America, anti-racism has become a code word for anti-White.

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