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Cynthia Owen Sold To A Sex Ring For Drink And Drugs.

THE 'penniless' father at the centre of the sensational Dalkey House of Horrors case left €90,000 in his will amid claims that he sold his daughter to a paedophile network which operated in the wealthy seaside village.

He also is believed to have stumped up more than €30,000 in legal fees before he died fighting an inquest that ruled a newborn baby was murdered in his family home at White's Villas.

Today his daughter Cynthia Owen, the mother of the baby Noleen, says she was raped by her father and sold to a paedophile ring and is calling for the Garda Cold Case Unit to review her case.

She says that SEVEN of the men, including three former Gardai , are still alive and living in the community.

One of those she has named is working as an odd job man.

Another is a relative who is now based in London and who she says regularly beat her black and blue while abusing her. Her full story which is contained in a disturbing book 'Living With Evil', exclusively serialised in the Sunday World, will stun the nation today.

In it, the 48-year-old alleges that she :

"I was brought to a building in the middle of the night where I was put on a table and they took turns with me".

Children's Allowance

"It happened once a month and always before Children's Allowance Day. My mother would bring me to the building and then bring me home when they were finished with me. And every day after I had been taken to the building I was made to call to houses where the men would give me bags of things and bottles of sherry.

"I was always drugged by my mother before being brought there. During those days I was a zombie, living in fear. You're on hyper alert."

Peter Murphy Snr died more than a year ago denying all claims that he raped Cynthia and fathered a child to her when she was just 11 years old.

The former council worker lived out his last years in a local authority house on benefits but today the Sunday World can reveal how he managed to amass a small fortune which he bequeathed to four members of his family including his son Peter Jnr who has also been accused of rape and assault.

He died while fighting inquest findings in the High Court. Incredibly, the impoverished council worker had €89,699.88 in an EBS building society account at the time of his death.

He also had insurance cover of €1,689. The money was given to Peter Murphy Jnr who has been accused of rape by Cynthia and her sister Frances.

Murphy, who waived his right to anonymity at the inquest, vehemently denied the allegations. Other benefactors named in the will are Mr Murphy Snr's daughters, Catherine Stephenson with an address in Dun Laoghaire, Margaret Murphy and Esther Roberts both of whom are living in Wales.

Catherine has taken up her father's battle to overturn the inquest decision on the grounds that County Coroner Dr Kieran Geraghty was biased in his conduct of the inquest.

Cynthia has fought for years for the case to be properly investigated and today describes her horrific childhood in her own words.

Her memoirs will turn the spotlight on local school Loreto Abbey where she was a pupil when she was pregnant aged 11.


In the book she claims that a nun at the school quizzed her about why she had a prominent bump and had to wear a large coat to cover her pregnancy.

Despite the suspicions she returned to school in the days after giving birth while Gardai launched a nationwide appeal for the mother of a newborn baby discovered in the lane to come forward.

"It was on Garda Patrol and all over the television," she says. "I remember they sent appeals out to the schools for the mother to come forward because they reckoned it must have been a young girl. But nobody said anything."

Cynthia and her legal team are to continue their fight for a full inquiry into her case despite being refused meetings with both the Minister for Justice and Minister for Children Barry Andrews.

"Since the inquest I have had no peace or a chance to heal, I have had to write this book to highlight the injustice of my daughter's murder and the lack of action taken in the case.

"My daughter was clearly identified at the Inquest, her place of birth and death established as 4 Whites Villas Dalkey, providing the gardai with a murder scene, time of death and likely suspects and yet they interviewed only three people after the inquest and once again the DPP decided not to prosecute for the seventh time.

"The Minister for Justice at that time, Michael McDowell, ordered an inquiry into the case, but I wasn't even interviewed as part of that inquiry and our request for specific terms of reference were denied.

"Since the inquest finding and the report was completed my solicitor has been trying to secure a meeting with the present Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern, but he has repeatedly refused to meet with me. My solicitor received a letter into his office on 4th January, 2010 from the Minister's office again refusing to meet me.

"The Minister for Children Barry Andrews refused to meet me or my solicitor saying he is too busy.

"I have released this book with a heavy heart, but I feel that Noleen would want me to prove her existence and her identity, because all we have been left with is her name and the place where she lies, unacknowledged and betrayed," she said.

Cynthia, who now lives in Wales with husband Simon, today calls for a Garda Cold Case investigation to be launched into her case and her allegations about the paedophile ring.

The Unit which is headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan is one of the most high profile squads in the Garda Siochana and has expertise in reviewing old cases and making fresh recommendations on them.

"Both my parents have died during my legal battle to have them brought to justice, but some of those who operated with my parents in the paedophile ring are still alive and still living in Dalkey.


"And some of my family members who abused me as a child are still alive and living free lives as innocent men. All these men are living in someone's community and posing a real risk to children.

"If nothing else I hope to feel through this book that I did as much as I could for an innocent baby who died on the day she was born, and left me with a lifetime struggle and a battle for justice and recognition which sadly neither my daughter or I, or any of my siblings who were also sexually abused ever received.

"I believe that shame lives in the dark and we are only as sick as the secrets we keep.

"I really believe we need to speak out against all types of abuse, it's the only way to stop the sickness from spreading and we have a duty to educate those who are ignorant or who choose to ignore us when they haven't walked a few yards in our shoes, or even lived a few moments in our lives.

"I am talking about the people who are in authority and have the luxury of hiding behind rules and red tape and the luxury of never having to fight to be heard, because they don't need to feel rescued or acknowledged or given recognition for the most heinous of crimes."

If you have any information about the case, contact Nicola Tallant at the Sunday World on 01-8848926 or email nicola.tallant

FOOTNOTE: Case over inquest on baby's death 34 years ago settled.

A legal row over an inquest jury's verdict that a dead baby found in a Dún Laoghaire lane in 1973 was the child of Cynthia Owen, who alleged the child was conceived following rape and sexual abuse, has been settled at the High Court.
The settlement terms include an acknowledgement by Dublin County Coroner Dr Kieran Geraghty that the verdict does not implicate Catherine Stevenson, a sister of Ms Owen, in any wrongdoing whatsoever.

There is something rotten and extremely evil within the Irish 'Police Force'.

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